Limited Time Territories Should Be Discontinued

How is it a poor word? I meant what I meant.

Keep the territory event please scopely

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Discontinue it and send the rewards directly to the inbox of #1-3 factions.

People on top still get their rewards, and the rest don’t have to sit through it.

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So because something doesn’t benefit you, you want to remove it from the game? That’s dumb.

You said you get more from a faction level up, so I proposed they run the faction level up at the same time.

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Or you could just ignore the territory screen altogether. Then you have nothing to complain about.

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If you don’t enjoy an aspect of the game, let others enjoy it. I loathe hordes, but some like it.

Btw, last time I checked, faction raid and Sr only gave collectibles to the top 2. If you guys fancy five star tokens, ask for a five star token territory.

Who does LTT benefit? Usually only 3 factions at most. Why in the world should Scopely continue rolling it out?

Who does faction level up and faction raid benefit?

Scopely doesn’t care who benefits from it. They care that it gets players burning cans. And it does.

If it’s there, you have to fight for it, to limit the rate at which you fall behind. Otherwise there’s no point to playing at all.

What is it about the event that you enjoy if not the rewards?

I don’t care about five star tokens (and there already are five-star token territories, they’re always active). I also don’t care about almost anything in the rewards, but some are ok. Faction SR would have given some markers, which are useful, and raids… well I’m not sure tbh. Usually there’s at least something that helps a little bit.

But yeah, faction events in general are terrible, except Onslaught and War.


There’s nothing about this event that I enjoy but the rewards are nice.

Tbh… the whole system is in the shitter. I recently came in 3rd, 3rd and then 1st in the level ups. You know what that got me? 2 useless six star Laopo. I still need 6,000 more cakes for them to have any use. I don’t even know when or if I will ever get the rest of the cakes.

The first level up I won, I got five star revive Abe. That toon alone had me go from the 10th place faction to the second ranked faction.

This whole shard system is horrible… so getting rid of events where the shards and cakes are being goven out is a bad idea. Even if only the top factions get them. There’s always the option to change regions and go to one that better suits your factions needs.


Bro their was 5 Terry’s up and dont even try and say one faction had em all because if so your region top 2,3 and 4 retarded?

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They should cancel all events and give everyone top rewards.

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This is what I expected, because it’s simply not a fun game mode. People who can will grab rewards with zero effort, people who have to will spend hours for almost nothing.

If no one enjoys it, why not instead have something that at least some people enjoy?

Eh, she should get you more collectibles when the cake collection comes around. I won a levelup recently as well, and I think she’ll come in handy somewhere. If I knew how long they will have chocolate cake around as the top reward, I’d consider winning another one or two, but it probably makes more sense to wait for the next collectible and maximize cake potential.

It’s a long term grinding system, Sclass is really affecting the game negatively, I think - in the past I could usually figure out a way to win a raid or two even if we were matched up in war, which gave me cans and at least progress to milestones, and I’d assume this is the case for many active players. Boosting top factions this way takes out the little bits that we had to go on - winning the war was never a question, but at least we might get 800 or 1000 points instead of 400 or less.

I’ve held on to my transfer key so long, I don’t really want to use it, and I don’t think there are good regions left (the few dead ones tend to be locked in wave 3). I also personally like to play in active regions with healthy competition at all levels.

Maybe this is just me grieving for my style of play, and I should give up and just join a rank #2-3 faction somewhere. But I don’t think it’s just me, lots of players seem very, very unhappy with how the event and the game right now in general are shaking out. The territory event has brought that out in maximal clarity, because it is such a bad experience for the majority of the player base.


Why not run all 3 plus SR plus Hordes?

We were always asking for free chances at S-Class and S-Class collectibles, but when we get it, we start complaining… Sad!


So if you cant get it noone else should?

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You have no excuse not to do well in recent terr event. With the recent michone maps which gave out terr cans everytime it rset most poeple should have a decent stock.

its not that facs 1 2 and 3 are stronger that they get them, its that they are normally more active and quicker to respond to attacks


instead they should increase number of terrotries

I had and burned plenty of cans. In active regions, if you are not the top faction and manage to grab one, three-to four factions on your level will attack you, We’ve seen up to seven attacks per minute, non-stop except for over night. Even if you have five people doing nothing but replacing teams, you are going to at some point run out of teams, hit the territory out of sync bug where you lose it even though you have 40k left, or at some point will run out of toons to assign (I got really close) - probably before even the 2 hour mark is up.

It is that they are stronger, but also that they are more active, obviously. It means that it makes no sense to attack them at all, so they often don’t even have to replace teams - few can beat them, and so few even try that if one is dead, it’ll regenerate naturally before they are even close to being in danger of losing the territory.

There’s also the issue that it encourages centralization. Plenty of highly active people in mid-level factions. The game already pushes people very heavily to pool al the highly active people, and deviating from that is ever more punishing. The game is going to become much worse if it centralizes even more; if twelve active factions become four and maybe another two to four that can’t get a war party together, it’ll have plenty of negative consequences.


Go to a dead region then, I’m in a mid tier faction and we had no problem holding one territory

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