Limited Time Territories Should Be Discontinued

They only help to serve already strong factions with many members that don’t even need these territories. Scopely does nothing about the issue where factions just monopolize everything and increase the gap between them and the 2nd, 3rd etc. best faction.


I don’t know where you’ve been, but the “strong getting stronger” is not just in territories, but in every event. Might as well discontinue events in general because the strong will always get stronger.


Doesn’t more than one or two groups benefit from faction events? Now be silent.


So I take it your faction didn’t get a territory?


One or two other faction can’t also benefit? My faction didn’t really hold anything for long, but we got 70 ice cream cones and white cakes so far.

Yes, so what?

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@Drip, also have a look at my thread on this: Stop the Territory Events

@Verdeiwsp you are completely right. But it’s never been this bad in the game as a whole, and territories are the worst offender. In all other events, you get at least some milestone or placement reward. Most of the time they are worth very little, but it’s not nothing. Now everything but top 3 has been devalued in all events even more, and territory events increase the strain on the middle.

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If you played hard in territories, how is that fair? I guess it’s just a matter of opinion.

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Since they’ve become quite regular events lately obviously scumley is making money from territory events. They even experimented with just a single terro to see if it could make them extra cash.

This is the company we are dealing with. A pack of greedy dogs who don’t care about the player.


I didn’t play hard; I haven’t even used any resources. My faction is just able to coordinate better. Even for the #1 whale faction, they can’t hold 5 factions all at the same time for long.

CRW is the biggest offender IMO. Shitty rewards when putting 16 regions against each other. So far I’ve already gotten more rewards than I did in the last CRW and I didn’t have to stay glued to the screen.


You basically got nothing though. A faction level up would’ve netted you more.

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Depends how ur faction plays, some defend really well and we just went it isn’t worth it. It’s not the event it’s how people play it.

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Then isn’t the better argument: “let’s run multiple events at once?”

We’ve had territories and other events run concurrently, so if the concern is “one event has better than another”, it isn’t exactly a strong point in trying to get territories removed in general.

Unlike war however, CRW and AOW can’t exist at the same time in the same region.

This game is get good or get out! Everyone from top to bottom needs those collectables because there are always new toons coming out.

The butthurt is strong in this one.

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That’s how the game works. Not Scopely’s fault your faction can’t defend a territory. Limited time territories are great

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CRW is actually not that bad for the middle, as no one except the very top of 16 regions gets that much more, and everyone gets something (well, every active faction gets something).

FWIW, we ended up holding a territory several times, and managed to hold one for long enough to grab 105 cones.I didn’t track it completely, but I’d say it took at least 8-12 hours of work for me, probably more, and many more hours for other people on my team. Probably burned 35-40 cans. Plus it was no fun at all - in war, at least you have some interesting raids against different teams. Here it’s endless waves of smahing your last remaining 6* into waves of 2* teams, and then ages of replacing 2* teams with other 2* teams to hold off the four factions storming your territory. All in all it was an absolutely miserable time.

Exactly, and this means that factions with a mix of very active and casual-active players don’t stand a chance. This issue exists in all modes (and reasonably so, I should add, of course there has to be a benefit to greater coordination). But if the very active players leave, the remainder typically falls completely inactive very quickly. This has negative consequences for all - fewer active factions means longer search times and probably soon 32 region CRW.


Discontinued is a poor word. Ran as the only event on a weekend, that should never happen again.


Why run territories concurrently with level up instead of running level up with raid? Also, territories being able to run alongside another event doesn’t make it more attractive than if it was ran by itself.