Limited time territories! Poll included


I just want to say, that i love the limited time territories! Thank you for finally opening some of them up and putting them to good use! Theyve been sitting there idle for far too long. Please make this a regular thing during events and such or maybe for some 6* gear in the future. Idk. Lots of possibilities. I just wanted to give yall some props for once!!

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  • Meh
  • Hate it

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It’s good to have something semi active. I do think it’s really just a top 3 activity and could be better deployed to engage lower factions.

In our region the lower factions have largely given up and now we just sit on them and whichever top 3 gets the zombie grab we sit on it til we collect cause we aren’t dropping coins now that we see they are on fixed cycle.


I gotta say, i hope this shiz lasts forever.

They could open up the rest of the territories with worse rewards, or perhaps better rewards. If theyre worse, weaker factions will get a taste of the new territories, if theyre better then weaker factions could get the free burts and specials every day