Limited time offer?

anybody knows where this leads to?


Most likely leads to disappointment


It leads to Narnia.


lol, i hate these offers, you’re probably right about that.

They do run these limited time offers occasionally. You could try searching for “limited time offer” to see past posts, good chance this is just the same one they rerun

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This is the brilliant answer i ever seen in This forum(not offense). much respect.

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Actually they’re usually quite different

That’s actually a really crappy deal so curious if it gets better. If anybody completed offers please post

Second offer will be for around 2.2k coins and third will be 40$ , that’s what they most of the time do

probably will lead to some toon at the end.

Lol. That was a good one

This offer for 500 coins I have seen several times. I’ve never bought it so I don’t know how different the other ones are, but the first offer is the same as I’ve seen before.

That’s as far as I go lol


Why do you tease us!?

It says that’s the final offer, how disappointing

thanx bro, appreciate it

What’s in the bag at the end?

Damn that’s terrible. A third of a war token pull, five item token pulls, a single useless 5-star pull, and a couple of trainers all for the low, low price of $19.99. Sheesh.