Limited Time Offer 1, etc


Figured I’d start a thread for people to share screenshots as they pursue through the offers, here’s Limited Time 1:


Interested to see what the supposed “powerful” ascendable is at the end…my guess is it will be a box of 4, one of each trait, with 50% chance of melee or ranged as the only shown odds…and at least one pretty common ascendable inside. Change my mind.


What they mean by powerful select ascendable is Shane


Here’s limited 2


Limited 3:


Can you hurry up? thx ^.^


I sense a pattern forming.


50$ and 100$ for last 2. ended up with dante last time. yellow ty was in there also


Limited 4:


Final offer is a crate with red Sandy Jesus shield disarm Bruce and blue Konrad


Man, would it have killed them to put a zero d weapon in there for yellow? I’m not spending that money knowing I’m getting stuck with the crappy weapon. The other ones are fine.


Is this true? Can you show a pic


He’s trolling (:


Gdi I’m taking away my like!


I was like. red sandy? blue konrad? no way


Nope keep buying you’ll see lol


Nah offer 4 ain’t worth it so here’s where I stop, hopefully some kind soul will continue the posts.

Hope the first 4 helps others at least :man_shrugging:


Maybe the toons in the weapons are a hint :thinking:


Limited 5:

Limited 6:

Special thanks to @Altenagrey & @Brwnidvol for providing the images and my apologies to @Kodak_black for thinking you were trolling :joy:

What's included in this ascendable Offer?

doubt scopely ain’t that smart
prolly be toons like gatar, command glenn, shane, maggie in the box, the ones we got for free or in the meusuem