Limited time -Jeramiah Offer question

Im Aware there are multiple posts regard this offer, but im just wondering, this offer keeps reappearing every 4 hours like clockwork, is this still happening for those who have bought him?
Those who bought him could you potentially buy multiple of him from this reoccurring offer or once you buy it is it gone?


Once you buy it, it’s gone. My guess: it will stop popping after midnight Pacific; seems like an attempt to boost year end revenue.

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Ah ok i was just wondering ,as i have had offers especially sr ones that just keep reappearing after you have spent your coins on them, and was wondering if this was the same.
Thanks Lady

Indeed. 24 hrs offer with 4 hr urgency timer to make you less likely to rationalize before purchasing.


Just buy it you mindless drone :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’ve seen at least x3 variations of the cost of this offer, ranging from $99 to $150… So the limited time offer as based on each variation.

Sneaky language.

Changed a few times for me haven’t screenshotted the 99,99 one. Maybe it comes back. XD

Or maybe the next will be 119,99 since it always added 10 bucks.

Nope, I play with a bunch of mostly Aussies and a fewer Kiwis, the price fluctuation occurred within the context of a nation.

There is still some RNG involved here, but with disclosure of 100% odds for each recycle of the offer.

Realistically it’s a good offer. But not one to jump up and buy since event rewards so low…