Limited time exclusive offer


Did anybody bite?? Curiosity about to kill the cat…


if i had the coins i would buy it once, since i`m at 70 tokens and i will probably get 25 from that CRW, instead of 2nd place for a normal AOW


Bought all 3, offer hasnt shown up…


I don’t have that offer. Probably for dedicated players only.

How much is one bag and what’s inside?


650 coins

15 yr3/gps/canteen/radio/watch/school bag
10 yr3/lilith/uly/bene
5 yr3/1k wep tokens/2k 5* tokens/ 1200 elite item tokens


So school bag, bene and 1200 elite token for 1950 coins. Great deal thanks.


all 3 are in 1 bag




Might get it if I knew what the exclusive offer is


If memory serves last time they offered a weapon afterwards it was one of, Mirabelles Vigourous Pistol, Negans Leech Life pipe, Michonnes g36 and another under par green weapon

If they throw in an impair shotty/stun gun or AP down stick it might be worth a risk


I’m particularly curious about this aspect of it:

is it buy 3 bags get a free special weapon


buy 3 bags be given the option to buy a special weapon?


I bought all 3 too and yes the bonus limited time offer still has not popped up it’s been a few hours. Scopely need to sort it out you advertising an offer stating buy all 3 bags to unlock a special offer and nothing unlocks.




i got aden and useless with 2400 elite item tokens and 30 3 year tokens

needed 25 so not gonna complain when it wouldof cost me over a hundo on pulls to get that much.


Bought 2 have me 2 canteens which I needed and 20 tokens for another pull and got 6* anna which I also needed. Won’t buy 3rd bag unless you all get something good lol.


WHAT WAS THE WEAPON THAT YOU GOT?? No one is telling… Sssshhhhh. Secret.


No one knows what it is, because the next offer doesnt exist lmao


i bought 3 and got 30 3 year tokens so its more then what a 40 pull give me and its cheaper too.


Did you get the weapon pull?


There was a weapon?