Limited territory

While holding the territory National Guard Station, my faction refreshed team while being under attack, and the territory became contested with 50k hp (of our factions teams). Any information on this, we had 6 people refreshing teams.

They beat the teams that where left before you could refresh probably.

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I would like to know what they’re going to do about my coins and cans I spent to refresh my teams while I was attacking and the game kept crashing and I was wasting cans and coin. That is some bull$#!+. But I know they will end up doing nothing about it so it is stupid for me to even ask them about it. But I would like some answers cause that shit isn’t right. I worked for everything I lost and feel like I was cheated cause of their shotty system server’s or whatever is behind it

You can message support and they will often send you a can for wasted energy

Possibly but the only response I ever seem to really get from them is an automated one saying due to a high volume of messages they will respond in the order it was received and I never hear anything back and after I message them again it says this ticket is closed

6 people saw their teams in the territory when it dropped

There’s definitely a lag around the game registering refresh teams vs registering attacks on old teams. I never usually let it go below 10k otherwise all energy/coins are wasted in time

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My faction had same situation in last event like this. I sent msg to support and you know what? They told me how contested works…
We defend, refresh with 25k+ def, terr went contested just like that and these idiots in support telling me how contested works :man_facepalming:t2:
Today we won contested and terr went to walkers.

Dont waste your time looking for answers. Forget and move on :+1:

Not hard to imagine if the hits were 600 damage.

Members of my faction and I took the Baltimore territory and then the stupid game reset at about 10:30 PST. We had already put teams in and I had opened a can because it said we needed to kill 6,000 more walkers.

Just before I went in with Hit #4 from the refilled energy, I saw we still needed to kill over 5,000 walkers. When I finished Hit #4, the territory was ours.

I want my territory energy can back!

And here’s their answer

Their logs apparently lost the first 9 hours of the territory event and they won’t admit it

It’s been a shit show since it started, burn cans, coins, and toons, and time all for the hope you can hold it long enough to get anything. The rewards aren’t worth the trouble and I can say with full confidence I myself personally will not be taking part in another event like this, dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. We actually held 1 for 18 or more hours and I barely have any of the collection items. Other than our faction keeping one for as long as we did it was just more of the same, top 2 factions trying to hold all and keep anyone else from getting anything. And you are not the first person I’ve seen say this, not on here but in game we took one and it popped up and said your faction has captured wtfe territory go now and help defend and then I get there and our teams be demolished and it stacked over 150k just after it was supposedly taken, then if you try to battle a team it kick you out and you waste shit load of cans trying to get back to where you once had been

Yeah - Scopely really needs to hire someone who knows how to proofread code. Oh, and maybe knows how to beta test better.

P2P and F2P players deserve better than this mess!

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