Limit teams to one toon each

I would tell the player council but since their existence is either a lie or top secret I can’t.

Teams of 2 negans, 2 mia with pete anderson as a lead should not exist. Their is no skill or strategy their. Just lots of money.

Please bring some skill and strategy into the game.

@JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely


No money in skill and strategy


This idea has been said so many times it’s annoying.
Also, nope.
I’m not gonna have my team be handicapped.

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AKA the definition of all mobile games…you can test it yourself by downloading a mobile game besides this one.

I regularly play clash of clans. It is nothing like this. Spenders get a time advantage, they get things quicker.

A) you can’t make a change like that once players spent money to buy duplicate toons.

B) is there really a difference between the team you posted and a team on Pete, Negan, Mia, Ryan and Jessie. Hardly.

Aka no understanding of game mechanics or strategy, just how to use credit.


They can make changes. The TOS says we don’t own the pixels.


You sound salty.

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That’s when players get a full refund and keep the toon(s).

Of course they can make the change but it would be a horrible look for the company (even if can even get worse).

There are plenty of OP toons to choose from anyway if they went this avenue, like the team I mentioned. Wouldn’t change anything.

There has never been strategy to defense. The only strategy is on attack. What strategy do you use on your defense?

This restriction works primarily if the game relies on that aspect since the start. Since you can get multiple of the same characters, it only hurts the player if they can’t use the multiples they get.

Compare this to other games that use a shard system, like DC Legends where you can only have 1 character and you get shards to keep building up.

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And compensate everyone for coins spent on dupes? Lol

Of course they can make a change. They released 6 stars when people spent and had the best 5 stars available. They also released S class when people have spent to get the best 6 stars (soon to become useless) it can be done, they just need to sell more promos first and bait these suckers along a little longer.

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Completely different. S class toons are out but that doesn’t stop players from using two negans does it? Horrible argument.

And of course they CAN do it. They can do whatever they want. It would just lead to massive refunds and players walking away for sure.

i’m all for it! raids one toon against one toon would be so much fun!

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