Limit teams to one each toon

With the power creep of 6s, teams need to be limited to one of each toon. There is no reason to have 4 Shiva or Erica. This will make planning attack and defense teams relevant again.

This is not about issues with raiding or being able to beat teams. This is about trying to bring some strategy back into the game.


That will have negative impact on revenue

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Teams with multiple duplicates are even easier to beat

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Then you have yet to face Dante, Magna, Glenn, and 2 Shiva’s yet. It brings the pain. Can’t wait to go against that once the mods come out. Game over.

In crw saw Carl lead, 4 Shivas. Was one of the easiest 6* teams to beat all war lol


Since the mods also change attack teams it won’t be too hard :roll_eyes:

4 shiva is actually a very easy team to beat

People running 3 Erica’s or Shiva’s don’t have a toon problem. Perhaps a spend problem.


Sorry this is difficult for you to grasp. Whether f2p or p2p they should be limited to one toon each. And I highly doubt a f2p has 4 shiva (with zero ascended).

a negative connotation would be that you didnt have extras to use as fodder, and what would happen to wheel pulls, or are you meaning no doubles in same team, if so i wouldnt care either way…i have 3 mirra, and 3 negans…never place in same team on purpose.except maybe my unascended mirra for command and 45ap rush

There have been threads on the old forums about the same subject. Ever since the days of people running 3-4 blue Andreas. Never gonna happen.

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Correct same team. Mirabelle ascended and un ascend are 2 different toons in my opinion.

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