Limit team use of 6*(suggest)


Is it possible for Scopely to limited team use with 6* in War or tournament?
like special war for restrict amount of toon in the war party
for example… the maximum for whole team is 30 point
6* is 9 point
5* is 6 point
4* is 4 point
3* is 3 point
1*-2* is 2 point
in this limit point everyone have to choose wisely with their whole team ,if they want all 6* they only have 3 of them in the team , so if you wan t maximun for your team you have to be smart and mix the whole team with many stars [ex.1 (6*) + 3(5*)+1(3*)] …and this method would bring up the our beloved 5* and let the 4or 3 shinning again from the deep
to be honest I feel a bit sad to see many of toons who has been created but have to throw away like a waste
some toon still have good use and a lot of variety of talent in them, I hope this would be help, sorry for my English I am not that good but try to communicate as much as I can :wink:


Lol umm no…


While this idea is not bad, and I’d like to see something that puts the 5* back into viable territory, I’m not sure this idea would work well for that

For example, if I had to fight according to the proposed system, I’d just use Mira and Ty as my 2 6*, then one hit kill any 5* or weaker with just those 2, like I already do now.

It would make offense much easier, as they could get at least one kill on round 1 every time


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there is dogtag mechanic already built in to the game but not used widely.


in the first half year of the game, that limit was restricting people from using more 4* and 5*, so they abandoned that idea shortly after. It has pros and cons


I am totally on board with the concept. But I think there should be dog tag values assigned to weapons as well. I think having a team cap that mixes the values of the characters and the weapons would be a good way to promote balance and more creativity in team building. It would open up so many more possibilities in team options. You want all 6 star characters then you may be stuck using some 2-3 star weapons in the mix. Find a way to mix in a few 5 star characters and you will open up the use of some maxed 4 star weapons. As it is now, players can almost hit the auto fill button when team building.


It is already limited, on war’s and raid’s to 5x 6*, but thanks for the suggestion


That would piss everyone off. Not a good idea.


Would love to see roadmaps with team restrictions again. I miss that all melee map to get Joshua


Why would we want toons forced into our line up that can be one shot or two shot on turn one. If u haven’t faced tier 4 teams, perhaps you have yet to see this, but I assure you all 5s get easily cleaned out by tier 4 6s toons regardless of Carl or Erika leads. The power differential is too great.