Limit pulls on promo toons

I played a different mobile game that guaranteed the promo toon after a certain amount of pulls. Now it kept track of all of your pulls Everytime that toon was a promo. So for example the first promo you pull for Erika 15 times. Next time she is on promo you pull another 15 times. The two together meant 30 total pulls, Once your reached the combined number of pulls you were guaranteed that specific promo. In that game it benefited ftp too because of tap joy offers and what not. Kinda curious if anyone thinks that could work here too.


Nope. Never would work.

Or, they do the current system and people spend spend spend spend and still don’t get the toon.

Can’t think why they’d want to keep that system…

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Why isn’t this implemented already?

Why only get forty bucks out of each player for a promo toon when they can get hundreds?

Isn’t what you’re describing called a stash? I don’t think they’ll wanna have those carry over.


In the other game the cost was still around $1000 for a guaranteed toon, so they will still get there money.

They key was that it allowed free to play to save up there coins and go for a toon and be guaranteed it. Yes it took months but still achievable.

I remember a stash for Erika a little while back that guaranteed her. Is this what you want to see more of? Still wasn’t cheap if that’s what you’re hoping for.

Your just asking for the whales to have every single promo in dupes. Of course we all want to pull and receive the character or we wouldn’t pull. However if this was the way it worked everyone would have every decent toon and it would be boring asf.
Stashes for certain characters are offered but they won’t do that for every single premiere.

Everyone keeps saying how things like this would lead everyone to having the same team…


Everyone already has the same team now. It’s either last meta Mags and three Erikas or curent meta which is some mixture of Lydia, Jebs, Ty, Gabe, Dante, and the green active revive girl. That’s it.

You bet you’re behind it is.


terrible idea. Everyone will just have the same team after a while and those whose spend heavy will once again have the edge

:roll_eyes: Everone has the same team already and :whale: have and always will have the edge?

I’m sensing a pattern here of people who are willing to drop hundreds for every op premiere and are super salty if God forbid an f2p player was able to get it without having to sacrifice the kid’s college fund in the process.


i understand where you’re coming from, but they’re just going to make it so the promo character they want is hard to get. I think you should have a 100% chance to get a 6* tho if you open say 20 or even make it 30 that way things could become more diverse

having bad pull luck personally, i would love the idea of hitting the mark after x amt. but the team variations wouldnt be great if the case. some just have bad luck and some have good

Lmao 20 or 30…I wish we aren’t even guaranteed any 6* let alone premiere at that rate…you get a 5* for 40 that’s it take it or leave it

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