Lily's defensive rifle

Is it any useful again infection? Is it useful in general or I go for the 1000 cards?

I collect Lilly already.
No princess cards in the box so thats a no go. Still not sure weapon or trainers.
I follow.

S-class box for me - haven’t finished Hengyen yet and don’t want to use the latest daily boxes on him, yet he’s a great killer toon for a secondary team (maybe even main team with right kind of other teammembers)

The weapon will not heal infection if that is applied to a non-damaged toon (both of the weapon’s skill will target an ally with HP lost). If you have no solid healer (when you should claim the boxes for Pete), the weapon will not really help you either - sole exception - if you use a shield that collects infection and damage… It’s more like a complementary healing to a tough defensive healing squad

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