Lillys dmg can not be blocked

@LadyGeek please test it out!! I did it a few Minutes ago. Use Maim resist Mod. The resist Symbol popped up but she still made Damage. On Chars HP bar you can see, that’s no maim dmg. If the Mod or Resiliant works against her Maim. If Resi not works all is okay dmg and Maim on HP Bar



Maim Resist Mod

And now :man_shrugging:t4:

For me it works just fine , probably resisted many times by the Trader

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No it not works as it should. But our great Content creator Link already work on that right now. She will make a Video of it!!

Definitely seen trader resist it a few times

Okay just tested it a little and it seems like it is true, maim was resisted but damage still applied

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You can resist it but Lilly will made 5k normal Damage even it is resisted. It is Maim Damage, if you resist it via Mod or Resiliant she should not make any dmg in the Flat amount of the maim

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Yes it will stilll deal 5000 damage it will just be able to be healed

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Yeah that was my understanding

Hope they make it a design feature and correct the description, instead of fixing it as a bug… with 5k direct non-negatable damage, she’s propelled from “an OK free lead, if you need one for blue/yellow” to a great team member capable of bringing down hard as nails defenses…


I dunno about that, she was already pretty powerful imo

Okay my english sry :sweat_smile:

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