Lillys and Roses - Eugene event


So, got this ss from a faction mate over my faction’s WhatsApp group. Trying to figure out the details of it. But anyway, thought I’d share with you guys.


Hopefully he has a decent melee lead skill otherwise meh. A green toon. :-1:


Interesting. his role’s tank. Wonder what he’ll do


I’m hoping he’s the melee equivalent of Spencer with an all-melee lead skill. That would be amazing because Santa Negan ain’t enough.


Well, he is free so he will suck for sure. P2W supremacy


Most F2P are awesome. Perfect examples are Shiva, Carl, SF Zeke, Rick, Mira, Tyresse and Dwight. Enough to kill any P2W.


Tell that to Erika teams with dante,magna etc etc


Thankfully, most teams I fight in my region don’t have many promo toons. Just the same Carl/Zeke/Shiva or Boobs/Ty/Abe toons. So if Eugene ends up being the balanced melee supporter, he’ll do fine with Shiva, Maggie, and Wyatt.


I call this fake. If this was true we would have an adrenaline and leader skill, instead we got a TBD stuff. This screenshot means that it will go live at some point, he should have already an AR and leaderskill, don’t know if you got the point


Yeah I can. They are the easiest teams out there.


For example I have a team with Mira, Dwight, Shiva, SR Zeke and ofc Tyresse I have never struggled against a Erika team.


Sorry but I can’t imagine beating Erika Hershell Siddiq Magna Mira team with yours, what weapons you got?


Stun on Shiva stun mira double attack Dwight impair Ty, and a Defensive stun weapon on zeke.


Lol… you serious?

Maybe keep tryin’. I merk p2w chars alllll day using all f2p…


I didn’t say it would go live anytime soon.
Thought I shared as an heads up for everyone to know.
Either way, you pretty much contradicted yourself with your statement. On the first part to accuse it of being wrong and on the second part you admit that it is true but not for now.
Coherence much?


Can’t tell if the scope designers just went omg eugene watched magna and yumiko do stuff from da Bush in 171 perv we gonna make your next 6* look a bit dodgy
Or am I just dark minded anyway in interested I. This even t if it good


If he can hold a stun sword he’s good enough for meeee


Rise to power rick is amazing idk what your talking about


We got similar leaks with Lori only about a week or so before she was released


Tell that to Shiva, RTP Rick, Siddiq, Depot Gov and the list goes on.

Have many f2p players on my faction and they can hold their own with no premium character whatsoever.