Lilly AR vs Kapoor

Hi, can someone explain me why lilly AR does less than 5000 damage to Kapoor (i don’t think i have seen it against any other toons yet)?image

It’s because of Kapoor’s dexterity. If his health is above 20%, any damage taken that would kill him is reduced, he stays alive with 19% of his HP.

Example: if he has 4500 HP, the 5000 maim would kill him. Because of his specialist skill he survives with about 850 HP.

To kill him directly you could normalize him before hitting with Lilly.


People still use Crapoor? :laughing:

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Great clear answer thanks :pray:

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You’re welcome :relaxed:

No. The op is lying and the gif is fake.

Thanks for that great insight, Captain Obvious. :wink:


Jokes are supposed to be funny though

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Is maim really working with dexterity though? Maim should be unmitigable damage and I clearly remember Mia’s maim killing full HP vitality/dexterity toons…

I thought it could have been resistance4 (reduce rush damage by 15%), but Lilly’s rush would have to be 4k maim for it to deal 3.4k damage…

it was killing him outright earlier on, was there a change?

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Maybe her rush is not at lvl 10. I believe she does less maim if not fully leveled

You said the magic words: should be :joy:
Just try it yourself on friendly duels. Kapoor doesn’t die from Lilly*s rush, he always stays alive with 19% HP.

So either it’s a bug, or dexterity overrides the “unmitigable”.

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She’s fully up. Rush lvl 10

I saw this when she hit Pete, too, though - no special mods or weapons on any toons in the party and yet she would only do a wimpy 1500 instead of 5000 damage

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