Lillith into leaguestore?

Well we can buy gear and crafting materials in league store, but why not Lillth and active trainers? That would be very cool for all players I guess!


I buy Liliths & Adens in the Faction Assault store


Lilith to the league store


Me2 - but I want to be independent of my faction and want to be able to buy them from league store

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Hope it will be certain, lilths to the muesu… I mean to the league store please @JB.Scopely


They hand them out in like every tournament… why waste league points for that…

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Because then u can save up for them and not need to rush and make 2.000.000 every level up?!?


They have been handing out the Uselessys instead of her recently.


Why can’t you save the trainers you get from tournaments? There’s no rush to immediately level every single character you get either.

Edit: And the point I was trying to make is that league points are better spent on items that are more exclusive or in higher demand. Gold mods, for instance, is a better choice IMO because of how specific and good you want your mods to be. T6 gear isn’t that available now, so that might be a better choice for some people too.



Yeah I know - I made some mistakes and leveled some toon I’m barely using. For SE they are good but raids / defense I’m not using them, wish we could reset toons

It wouldn’t hurt to have the option there. Whether people buy her or not is up to them :man_shrugging:


“IMO” thats all we needed lol yes i like gold mods. I also need gear. I also need lilths. So in YOUR opinion their should be no lilths at all in leagues store… Oh ok :ok_hand: My opinion is, yes I’d like lilths to buy in the leagues store. Never said to replace anything like gear or gold mods. Also maybe op doesnt want gold mods or gear, i buy spray paint in leagues also, should i not cause in your opinion it’s a waste? Lol :rofl:

Just the way you worded it is like op is asking for the removal of other things, not everyone needs or wants what you want and vice versa for me and op.

Except if you go back and read what I said, I didn’t say “Don’t add the option in.” I said that using league points for Lilliths would be a waste compared to what other things could be bought.

I’m all for giving people a choice, even if it is the choice to spend money on something that isn’t worth it. I just question people’s decisions in doing so.

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Different opinions tho hey lol

Anything in any store could be worth it if set for the right price. Like if Liliths were 1 token each, it would be dumb to not take all of them.

Also personally I’m always short on Liliths, and they are honestly a bigger chokepoint for me than T4 gear.

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So, when did you become the grand maester of determination of things worth?

Also, reading peoples posts a bit better would do you no harm either. @KamilDenmark didn’t even say it wasn’t possible to save up the trainers from tournaments. He said it would be a lot less stressful to just save up league points to buy them in the store instead of having to do 2000000 each level up to reach the last progress reward tier where they give them. To people not wanting to spend their every waking moment playing this game that possibility may very well be worth it.

His follow-up reply actually indicated that he used his trainers ASAP. It wasn’t so much that he couldn’t, but rather he didn’t. League stores also have a cooldown, so it isn’t like there’s an unlimited supply to combat the “rush”.

I didn’t realize we can’t weigh in on what’s worth and not. I’m not telling him to not do it, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s worth it.

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In the era of ascension people go through phases. Maybe they need lilths because they acquired 3 or 4 new toons. Maybe someone needs gear, maybe someone needs mods. No harm and giving us more ways to get them. Someone could argue mods are given all the time too. I personally have most my mods set on toons and need gear. So doesn’t matter that someone else chooses to use league points buyin this or that. Really doesn’t matter, play your game and allow others to do the same. I wouldn’t mind more avenues to everything. It’s ridiculous how we get 1 this and that randomly.


Exactly — that’s my point. Add lillith and active trainer to league store - you can buy like 5 every time and then cool down like the other gear… :slight_smile: