Lilith, Ulyses or gear as rewards event?

I’d love to have some Liliths (not one or two, but a lot). Perhaps , others feel the same way.

Could we have an event/roadmap that involves these trainers or 6* gear?


i just need a pittance of lilliths…
137 to be exact…

im not gonna even bother counting the ulysses.

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I’d kill to get a Ulysses/Lilith trade system. I’m completely full of these damn Ulysses.


Need a ton of lilts for my Bruce, Kal, Morgan yellow and red Hershel

GEAR EVENT!!! Would be my pick. :unamused:


So would all of us but when they have a “deal” that costs $15 for 2 Liliths I’m actually surprised they even are putting them up as milestones at all.

I remember when completing SR gave you 1 Uly, 1 Lilith, and 1 Benedict. Then it was 1 Benedict and either 1 Lil or Uly. Now it’s all 2-4 star trainers. Guess there’s no need outside of a special collection event to even bother with SR or any other event for that matter.

Rewards are at absolute rock bottom these days all to force the remaining whales to get what they need from the shop while the f2p have to grind away for months just to max out a crappy toon’s ar and active skills.


I need all 3.

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Gear. Gear. Gear. Please.

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I was ok with the 4* trainers as ascendancy fodder. Finally ascended Eric after 8 tries lol. Lilith can technically drop in world map but it’s a very low %. I’ve only ever seen her 4-5 times. Feb login reward gives one Lilith so that’s pretty generous. They are kinda deliberately hard to get otherwise everyone would be running around with a maxed out roster. That being said login rewards are the way to go. Hopefully March brings some goodies

I would love a gear event. Running low and waiting 6 days in league store sucks

Gear . No point in a T1 6* with a maxed AR , the chokehold on gear is getting ridiculous . 3 schoolbag / walkies per week is nowhere near enough with the constant level ups , I know you can get them via rng in the crates but they never seem to drop for me

Why don’t they expand the town with either a new building or a change to training grounds so you can get them too? I would also like to see a better selection of rewards and agree more limited and Ulysses would be helpful.

And maybe a new building to make gear or scavenger events with random gear (mystery boxes) as rewards.

There really are so many little tweaks they could do to improve the game which wouldn’t take much programming but which would improve the game rather than investing in upgrades and expansions which don’t solve the existing problems.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely this topic of the lack of gear (gps and canteens) and Ulysses and lilith is ongoing. What do you plan to do about this? you have yet to comment on this topic. We need gear to level up the characters we get otherwise we lose interest and players stop playing. Why are gps and canteens only available to the top winning factions of CRW, and top milestone, but only CRW. Change up the rewards for solo and faction events, it is and has been stale for a while now. Last year we had gear events in collections and more chances to get these items we need. Stop focusing on the things that are useless to the playerbase and maybe start listening the people who continue to play your game.
For anyone who posts on this topic from here on, tag @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely until we get an answer.

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Lol you can tag them all you like. If they dont have an answer they NEVER respond. EVER!!!

Wouldn’t mind if they put up those limited territories again with trainer rewards. No need to make new events for that.

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