Lilith in the world maps


Anyone get them? I farm daily almost always with double drop leads and I have not seen a single one since spring I have gone like five months or so. It still says it can dryop but it just never happens for me

When they first released them I used to get one every week or so


Got one today.


They use to be an occasional drop for me but for quite a while, it’s been a real drought.


Got a couple in the past week.


Got one 1 farming 13.3 about a week ago


I got a few this week. I only get them using tokens, almost never using farm team


We must be on the same crappy RNG train Jhermanford… Been about 5 months or so for me too.

I normally pump 3 world cans split evenly between 23.7 & 23.8 every day with double drops.


Got one yesterday


I get them but its rather rare find.


Almost 30 cans later… None 0 :unamused:




get her once in awhile


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