Lilith farming stages

Best area to farm for Lilith???
Anyone having any luck since the update???

I got her sometimes from 23.8 , even with bronze tokens. But she is rare.

Had better luck pre update. It’s best to keep this talk in Line or game chat. No need to help them.

Only have had one Lilith drop in world stages sice she was introduced

None since update :frowning:

Today 17.4


She is a myth for me.

Got these from tokens during the weekend:


To me Lilith is a myth. Only dropped one since she was made available.
Meanwhile, I see faction mates dropping 2 - 3 per week.


Is your roster full because she won’t drop if it is

le bonus territoire aide beaucoup pour les recomprences de scènes !

That hasn’t been true for me. I always carry a full roster and Lilith’s have still dropped.

Maybe Scopely can post odds of her per stage.

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She drops and you get her weather you have. Full roster or not

Today w/bronze token

I got her on 9.4 3 times last month


Scopley will only see those who get loads.
Not those who don’t get any.

There is no best stage. She drops everywhere. I’ve gotten her on world map, roadmap, territories, etc.

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