Lilith and Ulysses counter trainers?

I know this was brought here many times.
But scopley please gives us the option to undo an Active skill or rush upgrade


Play the customer support lottery & cross your fingers.

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No thanks I might delevel someone by accident

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What do you mean. Can support Change a toon for me ?

You mean just like I lvl up one by accident with the stupid slider thing .
Using 7 Ulysses instead of 6

I don’t know why high active skills are a problem I max all of mine on my toons

They matter with certain defensive builds, because the ai is dumb af.


Remember when scopley made an extraordinary AI and players started to complain how hard it was .
I really hope scopley bring back that AI agent .
It was a real thing and a good quality of programming
So from my point of view it’s not scopley’s fault that the AI is so stupid. It’s the community fault in the first place and scopley in the second place cause they listened

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If changing the A.I is going to made your def team so much better isnt it going to do the same to every other team you face better. Imagine nightmare road maps scopleys own teams, you know never mind you know what your doing.

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