Lightning strikes TWICE!

I just had to share.


Nice. You trying to share? :joy:


What in the world, how much luck do you have?


Lol 40 chests so far but nada

Maybe next time dont be so selfish and spread the luck to others :wink: . God knows I could use some after 80 crates of bennies


Basically why these events suck. Happy for the chance at coins but in this case you got 500 bucks worth of real in game currency. I got trainers to level a shrinking list of toons not even worth it. I play slot machines and this game is so similar it’s crazy. In fact never played slot machines before this game. Wonder if it’s related? :stuck_out_tongue:

Third times the charm.


Ss of your coins or i don’t believe you

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Bum head.

All of them are from the Broken Lucille map.

I’m sorry we can’t be friends.

Wow u have good luck. I got ermmm



Lies lies and more lies. Yes I can see it’s three different Screenshots. Yes I see the final total of coins. But please let me hold on to something as I open scroll past thousands of Benedicts when working my way through my roster

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grats @RUBBERDUCKY, this is how I felt when I got 10k sombreros back to back until I realized I couldn’t do anything with the second set of them after claiming her from the museum


I know a Guy in my region who pulled 20k coins and got 6* Pete, then pulled 20k coins again and got 6* Tye. Talk about luck! :joy:
The bad part is that guy is absolute knucklehead when it comes to team setups and toon synergy, was a former fac mate of mine.

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It’s official @RUBBERDUCKY i hate you. :fu:
Jk :joy: you lucky bstard.


These events are giving you free stuff so i wouldn’t say that it sucks. It probably sucks the way that its structured and whether the end goal of obtaining Piper is possible and etc.

70 crate opens so far… No dice.