Lightning reflexes not popping guardian shield?



I’m probably one of the few people who use lightning reflexes as a whole (since only one character has it). In a raid against a guardian character an enemy with a guardian shield attacked Eugene(lightning reflexes) with an adrenaline rush, the specialist triggered and attacked the enemy. The attack was ineffective (0 damage) but the shield remained, the attack also would’ve killed the enemy. If non negated.




Maybe @CombatDevIl can help


@Fedichini are you able to record a video of this issue? I just tested here and the shield was popep up.



Looks to me that the guardian shield jumped to Jesus in those ss?


No, Jesus triggered on his second attack, as Tara had hers by that time, he gave himself a shield. Check on the second ss the Guardian call out.


No I didn’t record it because I wasn’t expecting it to happen, kinda hard to recreate that on a live server.


This has happened to me many times before, after the second or third time, I realized that even though the shield is there after Eugene’s lightning reflexes, it actually doesn’t stop any attack. Try and see if it happens again, if it does, attack the person with the shield still up from the reflex and see what happens.


I have experimented a similar situation in a couple of times, but I figured out that was only a visual bug
I mean:
-A Shielded character target with his AR to my Eugene
-Eugene reactas and pop the shield (0 dmg, 0 Ap gain), BUT, the icon of the shield remains

  • The next turn i hit the aparently shielded character, but deals damage normally…and the shield icon reamins 'til the character dies, but does nothing

As i said, i have experience that a couple of times and always work in that way for me


Noticed some anomaly with guardian skill as well. I was doing my sr, used a shielded 6*zeke against a reflect walker, my zeke crits, but after receiving the damage and lost its shield, it didn’t put a new one for the crit attack it just did. So basically the reflect just absorbed 2 shield. How does guardian skill work in this kind of situation?


@CombatDevIl That bit of info will be helpful in sr tourny. Thank you