Life or death Maggie

Does anybody have any information on her?

She’ll be ascendable mid-October. Haven’t seen any leaks with any info besides ‘TBD’ for any toon besides the one that’s next up.


Ty LadyG

Seems like they have been staying close to the five star version. So expect a command with prob 600-700 damage to one. The only real question will be what kind of active she gets.

Not sure why people are wanting more 6stars at this point?

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Because S class will take a year to get


A downgrade on her damage amount would be a shame

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Should make her S Class, give a little to their player base.


50% heal reduction to one enemy for 1 turn :rofl:


And yet it’s definitely going to happen lol

from the promises for the future thresd

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I don’t think we’ll see any legacy S class ever.


She will suck

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Not motivated anymore to ascend these sub-par toons or any non S class 6*s as well, unless it’s Zach or higher grade
Too much effort just to get one shotted by Christa or farted on by Priya loool


Is that because there’s no cash grab? Just a question

outdated and useless before she was even made

She will be practically useless when released if at all but I will still ascend her just cause what else am I gonna do with 7k legendary medals nothing else worth ascending anymore in the coming S class era.

Only way to maintain a bit of relevance is making her a bide specialist. I’d ascend her for that no question

I’m like 40% of the way to Pete and it’s only been like 1.5 months of casual play. Hardly going to take a whole year.

Yes but you notice it is switching to cones. When you get close to cones they will move to cakes…