Life lesson of the day

If you play this game and cheat…read this.

If you lie you’ll steal.
If you’ll steal you’ll put it in your mouth.
& if you put it in your mouth, you’ll suck on it.

Directed at you VK buyers.


Hope you make this a daily feature

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Lmao chuckles

This poem does not rhyme

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Not all poems rhyme


Then we rhyme it:
If you lie then you steal
Then you a thief that in your mouth feel
The hard thing you suck for real


Real Shakespear here.

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Thats a word.
And nice to see Gov still around.

Not sure why they can’t ban em in League scores it’s very easy to find lol.

life lesson of the day part 2
if you play in this game still then you are just supporting the company that runs the game
you are giving them numbers to show investors
so if you still play and complain just know that you are giving them no reason to change just by logging in to play for free or not and here maybe i would say change my mind but you can not because i am right here and there is no argument

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Look what Scopely has done to @kookland. You took RTS’s White Knight and you brought him down to our level. It wasn’t hard. You see, madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push!


He’s a poet, and he doesn’t even know it
But his feet certainly show it
They’re Longfellows.;

Vk buyers better stay out of Wave 1A… won’t want to be WOC eligible with some VK toons.

He should have done it in Haiku form lol

If they suck on it, will they swallow?


You buy from VK
Nothing but cheating you scum
Choke on it you cheat

Or limmerick:

He once bought a toon from VK
Went to bed with stuff for less pay
When he opened his eyes
To his great surprise
His account had been hacked within a day

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I bought coins from VK with great hope.
A no brainer I thought, what a dope.
It seemed such a sale.
Till they put me in Jail.
Now when I shower, I can’t bend for the soap.


Does going to their website to look at their upcoming events count? That’s all I use their website for XD