Lg's feedback on this week's PC

LG’s PC update

Hey all,
I just wanted to drop an update on this week’s PC activities. It was a short week, with LA unavailable to us Thursday and Friday. We had a meeting on Tuesday with Scopely to talk more about communication and rewards. Some PC members had conflicts with work/family obligations, so it was a little quieter.

We had a new member join us. They’re getting acclimated to Discord right now. No, it’s not Parker (sorry)

PC items that were brought up (this is not an all-inclusive list; I apologize to other PC members for anything I missed something here. Feel free to chime in on the comments)

  • the new method of acquiring S class is undesirable
  • Typhoon event is underwhelming
  • would like another avenue to get ascendance medals
  • newer regions may be unable to complete some of the Typhoon event missions because toons like Michelle really haven’t been very available to them.
  • concern over the drop rate of cakes on the Mia wheel
  • faction raid rewards are underwhelming
  • we need more communication on the schedule for the S class collectibles (in particular, the roadmaps for ice cream and keys, so players can judge if they’re worth doing every day)
  • concern about S class Raulito and the bleed meta
  • 100 pull cap for an ascendable was well-received
  • suggested that lower priced offers ($30-50 range) would be better

Discussed at the meeting

  • Communication again
  • PC suggested a specific lead time is necessary for event communication, Scopely feedback was this might not be feasible
  • Assignment for the PC: is it helpful to post advance notifications of events without details as a middle ground?
  • They’re working on ways for the events to have tighter communication
  • In game blog is coming soon (LG - my memory fails me, might be next release next month? Please don’t quote me on that, my notes aren’t complete on this)
  • we’ll get some more communication in the next few weeks (I assume on the forums) about the PU roadmap

Some things in the pipeline:

  • more talks about war rewards
  • some talks about characters to be developed (generic talks, not specific characters - what are the gaps? PC provided some quick examples - legacies with bide and hemo)
  • Assignment for the PC: a more thorough list of what the gaps are for characters
  • some discussions about war and ideas for changes to the war wheel

Next week’s focus topics:
Technical Stability
New Gameplay updates
PC structure

Feel free to drop feedback on topics below. Personal attacks aren’t necessary.


Thanks Lady Geek.

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Thanks LG - appreciate the update.

I’ve gotta say that it makes me laugh that the only thing you’ve said was well-received was a suggestion for bigger pulls. :joy:

Edit: Oh hang on - have I misunderstood? Does a 100 pull cap mean that you’re guaranteed to get the headline toon after 100 pulls? Rather than just being able to pull 100 at a time?


IMO, character cap should be removed. In a game where we need multiple trainers/fodders to compete in events, as well as always being given trainers, the current character cap limit is not enough.

Not to mention, there’s always new characters coming out, which means players will inevitably run out of roster space even when trying not to.


lots of trash from scopely side


Still not convinced. Try to find a way to solve all these problems the way WE, THE PLAYERS, would be pleased.

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Excellent communication, thank you. A certain company should take notes on how to do it.

And goddammit.


So you really just complain about the same thing we complain about here and noone listen, what is then the point of PC?


And for YOU the player, what would appease you?

Thank you for the info lady geek much appreciated

Free ice cream on Fridays is a good start Brucey, Actually Ice cream would make me forget about all the problems lol.

I thank you for the communication it is appreciated by most of us.

My only thing is the roster cap Really.

mmmm… Ice cream… UberEats delivers Cold Stone now. It’s amazing…

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Easy. Fix all bugs, make everything free or maximum $1, make everything perfectly balanced, make all events fun to my liking, make sure there’s enough to do in the game but not so much where it’s too much, and make the game challenging but only just challenging enough that I can finish everything.

And I want this all tomorrow.


Thanks for the update

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So 60 day timeplan for PU roadmap will be missed ?
Wonder if all can see how suprised i am


Yes, that’s it. The mission that rewarded the 5* ascendable promo after 100 pulls was well-received.


I said I don’t have an exact date :slight_smile:


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