Levelup rewards missing


Rewards for both events were received in servers that generally receive everything with an hour delay. But it seems that all servers that get them quickly usually, didn’t receive levelup prizes yet. Normally this would not be a big concern but the clock is ticking and museum closes soon… and we all need to sleep off the champagne!


Quitman is waiting as well


Winston waiting.


This will most likely be addressed on Tuesday or Wednesday. The window to claim rewards is total BS. I wouldnt hold my breath though


I didn’t even get sr rewards or level up and i need my wyatt


This is Scopely’s response to those that were complaining about the small window to claim from the museum. Can’t claim what you don’t have.


Lol the faction i was in was top 10 in sr and they all got rewards but not me


Yep, got them in my main region super quick which usually has a long ass wait. But still waiting in Crenshaw and Chilton and i’m ready for bed…


I receive on my main that is always last to get any rewards. Other servers that receive them fast normally didn’t get anything feels odd and annoying on New Year’s Eve/night.


Scopelys customer support will probably say we all received the rewards and sold it




HAPPY NEW YEAR! Reward is no reward (;


Just got mine. Normally get them quicker than this.


Have only gotten faction SR but no level up rewards yet


They’re coming to all, exactly 1 minute after the Nuggets miss the playoffs again.


Irwin still waiting, and turn in period ends in an hour an a half. It is 1:30 am here. Pretty crappy that I’m forced to stay up or not be able to turn in my nuggets. Usually the redeem timer is a day or two later. This is stupid.


Agreed. Rewards are pretty much always in in my region within an hour, and yet when a deadline for collection…theyre late.


You still have over 4 days to turn in your robots. lol


Were talking about nuggets not robots.


Yeah, something I haven’t gotten any of since like Christmas Eve. Lol