Levelling 6* toons


Just wondering if anyone has any stats or info on levelling up 6* toons yet?

Such as how many 2* it takes to get them T1,T2,T3,T4 and how much food it requires.

Haven’t seen much info on them at this stage.


Not sure about how many 2*, but t1 is the same as t2 for a 5*. T2 same as T3, t3=t4


Cheers, I was gonna test that theory when I start doing it in the Fac Level Up this weekend coming. I won’t worry about T4 because it will be a year before I get the gear to do one lol.


T4 will be painful. Especially if you YGL scavenge has done MIA


Tier 1 120
Tier 2 270
Tier 3 446
Tier 4 628

Eleven is right, but because there are no “like” persona, you need 20% more than when levelling a 5★