Leveling to S Class

I try not to complain, I really do. Please please please consider this scopely as this is really affecting players and its widespread. Although I love the option that we can ascend to S class and its awesome we can get the toon we want after a certain amount of spending it takes sooo long to get enough items in the museum. We have to get 2 5*s fully leveled which takes items plus so many trainers and parts then need 6002 in order to S class then a ton to level that S class. This takes so much inventory that by the time we get it maxed it’s close to useless and our inventory is completely depleted. Please consider lessening the 6002 needed and give more torches or whatever choice box increased. It would make things so much better!


This is true 6000k is too much for S toon.put 3k or 2 k

Or 1000 or none

Scopely makes it hard to get an s class and people complain.

Then they make it easier to get the 2 5* like princess, or add the s class to the wheel so more people get mercer, and people complain.


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There’s a difference in making op toons easily accessible and making shitty ones grind able js.


i don’t understand what you’re saying tbh

I understand the problem but with certain toons I have crazy amount of stuff as I had everything i needed to upgrade laopo to S-Class tier 4 but someone like raulito I have to start from scratch

I agree, but, we have a year to collect them. If you want them now you have to spend money. Same as everything. We’re in it for the long haul.

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