Leveling skill not upgrade toon lvl now?

I maxing my lilly ar and as just now and she still at lv1 tier 1, which mean leveling skill is not leveling toon as well like before. Is it true?

Try searching for information before starting a new thread. This has been addressed many many times.

AR and AS trainers no longer give any XP. Their only use is to level the AR/AS.


Which to be fair, is garbage change. Still takes food and the specific trainers so was a useless change. And probably and over sight knowing Scopely


They should get rid of the food requirements for ar and as now for sure

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Yep not disagreeing with you there.

It seems like a deliberate change though because surely they would have had to alter them so that they no longer gave the XP. Unless it was done by mistake, but they haven’t acknowledged it at all so who knows 🤷

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