Leveling S Class Priya

nah ive used them all up.

Oh what id do for a 1000 bennies filling my roster up now lol


Also to Note … S-class also gives the same level up points as a normal 6*
(But you will hear others say thats fine, and the same ones saying its not fine in red velvet cake collection … contradicting themselves)

if you want to hit 3m milestones be careful just levelling Priya, you could blow almost 60% more resources and have less than 1.8m in points lol

and 0 gear left

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yeah, it was more the S Class cake collections i was after though. have 1000 cakes left and wanted to be sure i can make it to T4 Lvl 90.

I can see where they got t4 lvl 90 from and not just S Class maxed.

They must of copied the current collection that are up for Amber/Priya and just changed the toon need and not adjusted the level requirment

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So does the collection need s class t4 lvl 90 or lvl 150?

t4 90. thats how you can tell the mission coding was just copied from the 6* version and the required toon changed

yep, but it still doesnt make it fair in my eyes.

How many 2* do you currently have cooking in your TG?

Takes around 20-30 2*s on lvl 100+ all I know…

I wouldnt even attempt to level an S-class without territories (+30% Level up) it still takes about 20 x 2* each level after level 90

basically it is alot and unless you have benedicts, you need to play it smart or it will drain resources

Do you need to hit level 90 exact? Will it recognize a level 91? Common sense would say yes so, it’s probably a big fat NO.

It’s a minimum. Over 90 counts, too.

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have just under 2k. i got her to T2 lvl 1 so far. sent her off on a 100k by herself

gonna cash in basics and use all the 3* and 4*s etc to level her 2.

I have 4 days. the race is on lol

I should just be a few collection items off Aarav if i can make it

Good luck!

just T3d her.1700 2’s left

Need 22 tripods lol

well it turns out i had a lot of basic tokens.

T4 90 and stil have tokens and 1700 2*s left so i can get the other collections yayyy

did cost 300 coins though to refresh the league store for tripods


[quote=“CrazySausage, post:22, topic:82816, full:true”]
have just under 2k. i got her to T2 lvl 1 so far. sent her off on a 100k by herself

Hi there, you mean you could put only her inside YGL and it will succeed guaranteed??? No need to follow YGL trait requirements?

Yeah you can send just the 1 s class off on their own

Tnx a lot bud, it works! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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