Leveling S-Class - loading for informations


Each time I give 2stars or trainers to a S class to level him up, I get a “long” and annoying wait (3-4 seconds) of “loading for informations” window before the level up process is complete.

It only happens with S class, 6 star or below does not suffer this.

Am I the only one having this?

Any bug/correction ?


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What device?
I have no such problem on my iOS

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I have the same issue when leveling any s class

I only used one 2 * to get this screenshot. Happens with any star or trainer

This also happens to me too but it only happens when I changed my account to my iPad to my phone, it’s just maybe we are not letting the game load properly?

I have One Plus 6 phone (android)

And did not change my account from a device to another

“loading for informations” is shown to me in many places, not just character leveling.

I had this issue yesterday on Android, not an issue today though :man_shrugging:

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