Leveling our mods


Just have to say, the amount of fails during leveling a mod up is astonishing. C’mon man. 13k scraps a day won’t even get you from 14 to 15 most of the time. Something needs to give, either allow us more scraps or tone down the fails


Took 35 and 40k today to take two gold mods from 10 to 15. Talk about a joke.

Nothing about the way mods work is acceptable. The cost, the grind, the terrible rng, the repeated failures, and especially the cost to remove them.


I don’t know if anyones played summoners war but it seems like a bad rip off of runes to me…


I have been quiet because i don’t know if scopely reads this and changes it, but I got a strategy that’s been kind of working and ill share it with you guys because frankly i have given up on this game and any attempt at joy in life…

Every now and then ill go into the mods i want up leveled and just try it once, if it fails move on to the next, if it succeeds do it again immediately (my max streak record was 3 in a row in the high lvl s, 10+)

Ive been doing this and it will go up a level at a better rate (meaning i use less mods overall than if i just try, and try and try again.)

I made a small video for my guild mates of what i mean and it actually shows what I’m talking about.
3rd single shot try gets a mod from 14 to 15, i guarantee you had it missed and u keep goin you’ll blow through your scraps… just a heads up


There’s a world of difference between gold and bronze leveling, much better chance bronze levels up. Don’t think it’s anything other than confirmation bias as with everything else in the game.

Personally, I’ve stopped leveling bronze except under extreme duress. Trying to limit my disappointment to only gold :sob:


I take all useable bronze to 5, silver to 10, and gold maxed… As an aside, the stun meta is way out of hand. You have to somehow have maxed out gold stun resist on every toon or you get rolled by ftp carl, dual Shiva, Zeke teams all day.


Which is precisely why I have stun resist and stun on attack on all my green attack team. Got to take what the game gives you.


I like ur cat :cat:


Nope. The number of fails and exactly when it fails is not random. How it will turn out is also predetermined. The boost at 5,10, and 15 is baked right into the mod the second you get it. What’s in the box is also predetermined before you open it.

How do I know? Because the game has crashed on me multiple times after opening mod boxes and then upon reopening them after the reset out pops the exact same mods. Every single time. The same thing happens with leveling them. It’s always the same result. The outcome is predetermined.


Exactly. Just like the weapons when we craft. Pre determined


Scopely made these things predetermined to stop cheaters from manipulating the outcome. Even when we pull from the wheels its done on the server then sent to our device. We can thank the people who abused the airplane mode vulnerability for that.


Thanks. That’s Paves. He’s a fantastic cat.


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