Leveling and ascendance

With S class coming out and how many levels/ascends we need to do, we aren’t getting nearly as many ascendance and legendary medals as we need. We also need another event like the pathway event for trainers, maybe not 150 Benedict’s per crate, but 10 chances between 15 Benedict’s or 20k coins was a great way for players to actually get, level, and use toons that they have. Right now I personally don’t have nearly enough trainers, or ascendance medals to level the toons I have and need for the new meta, and im not a ftp player either. Scopely is trying to charge money for trainers, when they should be a given, most of the offers up right now offer as much as 10 Benedict’s for as high as $100


We need more benedicts and basils. Benedicts for ascendance and leveling. While basils can be used for leveing.

I remember the days when they had a bunch if trainers for like 10 dollars now it’s 20 dollars for alot less

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