Level your player level mission again

We asked for ascend 5 times to be removed now they bring something beyond difficult. I’m at 90% lvl 153, how am I supposed to do that in 7 days without any Sr tournament?

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7 days*

Wow like 1 day will make all the difference in the world

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Farm roadmap 21.1 :man_shrugging::rofl:


Xp roadmap unfortunately.

Yup u only need more than 100 refills

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And I’m serious, no trolling here pls

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Farming last stage of the XP map with both territories, one refill gets you about 10%. So 100 refills might be a bit of an exaggeration.

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No, u only need 10 refills

Took me 25 normal refill + 15 Sr to get from one level to another. No more talking without a proof.

Don’t worry this is not exaggerated too :ok_hand:

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The last stage of xp map give ~8800 xp with the two territories for 4 of energy, ~200 000 xp with 1 world can, it’s experience, i’m not just talking


I’ve done it any times. Maybe you should try instead of complaining.

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Maybe you should provide me with some proof, make a gif leveling from 153 to 154 with 10 refills then we talk

It really doesn’t take much. I went up a level just farming weapon parts before scopes took em away

So with 1 can of world energy (assuming you have 92 energy) you can run the last stage of the XP map 23 times. While holding both territories when you look at this neat chart, you can see that each run of the last stage of the XP map you would get 8831 XP or 203,113 XP from just 1 can. More dedicated players than myself have already done their home work and calculated how much XP is needed for one level to the next. And since you didn’t ask, it is 2,161,401 or somewhere there abouts. So if my math is correct 203,113 x 10 = 2,031,130. 2,031,130 looks awfully close to 2,161,401 doesn’t it.

To make it simpler for you, in case you don’t hold the XP territories, 5887 x 23 = 135,401(total XP from 1 can)
2,161,401/135,401 = 15.96. So without the 2 territories it would take 16 cans to do a full level.

So how about you try it yourself and prove me wrong.


I would also say if people are trying to provide help it’s best not to argue with them. You may not get that help in the future.


That math is sexy! :heart_eyes:

17.3 gives more than 16.1

World map 25 stage 8… if cant be bothered playing it use tokens. It’s 10k exp each time.

Add to that daily SR appreciate sometimes not possible and it’s easy to get from 90% to 100% for next level…

Last week id just gone up a lvl. Admittedly the sr tourney helped but I went up another lvl too to complete mission.

It’s not impossible