Level up WILL kill this game


It’s not working for most of us anymore …

Level up is like a gf who has finally outstayed their welcome. DUMPED

seriously though, how can all these level ups and removed events replaced with more level ups be justified in this game now? there are no other ways of gaining gear or food that lines up with this new era of mindless level up event after level up event

To Remedy this you should seriously consider:::::

Farmable Gear map … ultra, Elite & Legendary
Food bags once again, we had a few but they are used within the next level up which is generally on the same day they are rewarded out

Tedium has set in and the chore now has become an irritation to myself and many others


Personally, I treat LUs just like free daily rewards. For solos, I’d just go for top 1000, get those free tokens, and not care. I’ll chip in more for faction LUs since I don’t really go for solos.

Given the frequency of LUs now, the difference between like top 1000 and top 100/200 just ends up being resources vs prize investment. Plus I don’t really care about 6* gear so I don’t care about milestones.


just to say - the food bags, even if you can accumulate a lot of them is still just a drop in the ocean. I can just see the liveops thinking “i bet 250k food will keep them going for months!”, they have no idea how their own game works


I like that mentality. Would be nice to be able to please the ones who want more options to gain the resources needed to compete, though. I think it’s possible to please both the casual levelers and the competitive ones.


actually … I think lv up is the best event ever, because you don´t need to stay all time playing like raid, or SR ( every 2 hours etc… )

In this case, everyone just take what they need, I my case, 200k point is enough for those badge, (milestone reward) then I just let it go !!

at this point, I don´t think people still are ambitious to be the first or top 10, because 5* recruit token (event rewars ) is not so important now since there are too much craps in the wheel

so take easy !! this is just a game , a simple play for fun game !!


This ^^^^^^

Although I aim for top 100


This is what I do too. I just have to complete a single level up and I’m guaranteed to be in the top 1000.

If you are tired of an event in game, you can always choose to just not compete. Trying to be competitive in everything is a great way to burn yourself out.


Our faction in TROUP (Dead End) picks and chooses what faction events to compete in. We know that we have to play smarter, not harder… Most of the players only need specific pieces of gear to max their t4s at this point and the Level up milestones change gear colors each time. This lets them hand-pick which pieces of gear to grab when it comes up by hitting the milestones


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