:leveluptourney: Level Up Tournaments - New Renown Structure


Hello everyone!

The Renown Point structure for Level-Up Tournaments is being upgraded.

Since Ascendance, we’ve been monitoring the point structure for these events and have devised a new system better suited to reflect the effort of leveling up characters in a post-ascendance world.

Here’s the new Renown structure:

1☆ (Common): - Tier 1 (T1): 5 - T2: 10
2☆ (Uncommon): - T1: 10 - T2: 20 - T3: 40
3☆ (Rare): - T1: 32 - T2: 60 - T3: 120
4☆ (Ultra Rare): - T1: 105 - T2: 210 - T3: 420 - T4: 875
5☆ (Epic): - T1: 875 - T2: 1,750 - T3: 3,500 - T4: 7,000
6☆ (Legendary): - T1: 1,725 - T2: 3,450 - T3: 6,900 - T4: 13,800

In the new system, points for all tiers have increased with the goal of giving an even distribution of points for leveling up each tier.

In turn, the milestones for tournaments will be reworked accordingly and appropriate payout for the effort and materials used to level-up characters of any rarity.

The lowest milestones are now --> 100,000 and 200,000.

Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions – we will keep you updated on any changes.



Um lowest? And the highest will be 10 million?


Isn’t 100k for the bare minimum still a bit high, especially for players that are starting out? I’ve always imagined milestones being mostly available to all levels of players, with the actual placement rewards going to those that actually prepare and, yes, spend.

Also, any plans to update the objectives?
It’d be nice to get individual objective points as well as faction ones when dealing with the faction level up.

Edit: The upgrade in points per level is definitely nice. I’m worried about this game not being welcoming to newer players since it would take months as a f2p, new player to participate for the lowest milestone.


The others are still the same.


Boooooo ooooooh this is a complete statement


I appreciate the upgrade in points thank you


Thanks for the good news


Surely it’s easier to go back to the 1 mil milestones with the ascenndable 5* goal as so long as it’s a unique one or someone like a alredy existing one due for ascenndense on there they would be decent milestones


Kudos for this shane :blush:


@kalishane, are the bonus values still 1k, 3k, 8k & 5k? If so, are they being relegated to only helping lower level players to achieve the 100k & 200k mikestones?


Agree. Bonus level up task completions points should be increased.


By those numbers it would take 114 level ups of a 4* character in max tier level just to make the first milestone.

I am guessing catering to new players in the game is not a priority currently. I know a new fellow invited to my faction is really struggling to be motivated when they see everything they can’t reach nor even get close too.

Events really should have milestones new characters can get. You don’t need to give them 5000 gold tokens to make 10,000 points but a few 4* tokens here and there would make a player value it.

I really wish scopley would put more thought into things and broaden the overall scope of the game. As a new player now I would last a month before leaving.


Will we see an objective for active skills like we do ar ? Like 3 active skill level ups is 50k, seeing as Ulysses are super rare and actives are few and far between


Whilst i would usually wave the ’ what about new players flag’ until i had an army of 5 & 6* i never got milestones.

Back in the ‘good ol days’ when 5* were a luxury my 4* s were never enough for me to hit milestones… some rose tinted glasses from some players i think…


Those milestone amounts are a joke. You’ve ran lvl up into the ground. That most player’s don’t have the toons to lvl up anymore. Why do you think everyone keeps saying you need to lower them back down? New players & region’s can’t compete with other regions. It would be something if you actually listen to what your player base is saying… But at this rate ppl are going to keep leaving the game & new player’s aren’t even going to stick around for it.


Keep new players in mind.


Scopley logic:

“We told them we upgraded the milestones points, but nothing really changed because we still want it to be hard to hit them.”


Still Very bad. This is like inflation.

“We are going to raise the minimium payment but everything will be expensive as fuck”

Doesn’t solve the problem. Basic economic.


@kalishane Thanks for lowering the bottom milestones and making it easier to hit all milestones.

I would suggest removing bronze/silver radios from all event milestones though or allowing us to sell them because they’re useless and the 100+ i have of each sit untouched. I don’t really see them being of any use to newer players either.