:leveluptourney: Level Up Tournament Visual Bug [Updated: Workaround] + Pictures


It looks like the announcement just removed the bottom to click. Leveling toons still gives points towards the event, you simply can’t see your progress. Don’t get the pitchforks and torches out just yet. Edit to add, you can get to the leaderboard via the news message, pictures showing this below. Credit to Troy and Asgard for finding this

Please spread the word in your line chats, region chats, etc, as an in game message will take time to put out. Thank you all for helping minimize this issue!!!

Level up is missing
Level up vanished
:alert: :leveluptourney: Level Up / CRW Issue (Visual Bug)

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Good call. But where is the leaderboard?


Again, disappeared because of the war announcement. I don’t know how quickly they’ll get it back and I know it sucks, but I wanted people to know the event is still live and ongoing


Awesome, thanks


Edited the OP, you are the man


CRW chat popped up and lvl up vanished…,why!


Lmao. Same here. I just spent a bunch of toons and then noticed it was gone. You literally cannot make this shit up man.


Was just about to make a thread about this. Chats went down level up disappeared. Chats finally workinf but no more level up?


Yeah, the lvl up vanished. I just need to do a 20k points to get to the 250k milestone. @kalishane there s a problem now, I hope it is fixed asap cause I want to hit that 250k milestone.


I was in the middle of leveling up my toons and it disappeared. Might have lost few points dang it Scopely


Level up is still going on apparently just the level up icon gone, go to your inbox and find the level up message


Because its scopley. They can mess up anything.


@kalishane @Andrea_Scopely


In the news section


The one in the news section where it announces everything. Unfortunately I’m out if data so cant screenshot it and send


Go to level up a toon you still see objectives etc. no way to easily discern current score thought


It’s still going on calm down.


Still there YEA


It’s gone in my region