Level up Tournament Points Update

Do you guys like the new update that Scopely made for the level up tournaments? Because now, Instead of leveling up a tier 4 5-star for 2000 points (I think), you now get 7000.

Also you should have gotten a message from Scopely about it, so go check it out so you know what will be the points for level up.

As posted in the other thread about this same topic it still is not balanced. New players have no hope of placing at all.

If your going to hold an event have milestones all can reach. New players don’t need 2000 5* tokens but 400 4* tokens would be good incentive. It is very hard to be motivated when you can’t reach any milestones, can’t do anything in war, and generally have very little routes to progression. How do newer players get 4* characters now?

Seriously more onsite needs to be taken into the whole game and how it is managed. Everything seems to focus on a very narrow scope. This narrow scope is being transferred over to normal game play instead of special events.

No hope of placing in the top 1000?

Compared to when i started 5 stars are pretty easy to get. I got one or two in my first 6 months F2P. I think new players would get 1 a month probably, even placing low if they’re active. I don’t think 4 stars are going to make new players enjoy the game much, the way the game is at the moment. Brand new regions should probably expand the prize pool to top 2000+ though, at least for the first few months when there’s lots of activity

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Probably about right.

Means a new F2P player would have to grind for the best part of 9 months to have any chance at getting a single 6*

You can grow an entire human being from conception to birth faster than you can become even mildly competitive at this game. Can’t see many new players sticking around for long.

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Not sure if that was aimed at my comment. If so, my point wasn’t about scopely’s generosity, it was about 4 star tokens not being a better prize than 5 star tokens. I was responding to the post which said new players don’t need 5 star tokens but 400 4 star tokens would be an incentive for a new player. I was saying that 5 star tokens are appropriate for new players, because building a 5 star team is now achievable for a new player pretty quickly. The reason for this, is because 5 stars are now worse comparatively than 4 stars were 2 years ago. The last thing i’m saying is that Scopely are generous, just that 4 stars aren’t what new players are going to be running for as long as pre-ascendance

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Not really. I just wanted to express my opinion to the new level up points update.