Level Up Tournament Point Changes



Thanks to @LadyGeek for charts. :grimacing:

Raising the points per tier in level up and lowering milestones

If only they could of done it when the Dwight event was happening


if am reading this right this means fewer points or more ? means ppl more fucked for 2m millstones?


it depends on the milestones on new system if they are screwed or lucky.


Figures I haven’t received this message yet lol.


That’s why i posted here so we can discuss :wink:

highlight of the new point system is that you earn quite less with leveling 6 *s. Scoring is not 6 * dominant.


Are the milestones going to increase? That could off set the point increase.


oh yay making it fuck load harder great work game.


If you were prepared you got Dwight. If you weren’t you didn’t.


As long as they dont increase the milestones as well, this increase of poinfs will help a bit.


We don’t know if they bumped 5 * points or nerfed 6 * points till we see the milestones.



If you say so.


Im trying to be cautiously optimistic lol, guess we’ll find out Wednesday.



That event took my faction from about 25 actives to about three. Faction is the only thing keeping me here after that spitefully designed two month masochist event.


Didn’t nerf 6*. They just didn’t increase by the same proportion that the others did.


If they don’t introduce 5M milestones :joy:


The Dwight wasn’t even a character I would likely have used. What Scopely doesn’t understand is how dangling a reward that should be attainable (like other events), especially one that lasted two months and took a HUGE amount of resources-just to drain everything unless one was a “whale” will leave very negative feelings among their customers.

It was a waste of every player that wouldn’t open their wallet with a significant number of high dollar purchases. The only way to finish it without doing so would be to just happen to be sitting on a bunch of level 1 newly ascended 6 star characters and a bunch of toons/food to train them up.


Well said


Get ready for 4-6M milestones, people. This is scopely after all.