Level up terrys

Can someone tell me please if level up terrys give the bonus to You Got Lucky scavenger missions…?

Here’s a leveled up Terry


no, they don´t


Indeed they have no effect at all except the direct “enhancement” via the roster.

Scav missions (YGL, B&M, any of the gold missions and any of the challenge bonus XP) and Tutor lead skill (Pam in roadmaps, Maggie in war, Gov in raids) are unaffected

No they don’t and its pretty easy to work out yourself using the Ygl calculator. I’m surprised people are still stupid enough to be asking this question. Wait… no I’m not.

Wow, you’ve been super helpful… The link to the YGL calculator would have been more welcome than calling names.

YGL calculator

If you enter the toon level/tier/grade/XP, it will tell you how many levels and renown you will gain.
Contains link to AP calculator that you can simulate how soon your toons can rush

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