Level up rule 2s company 3s crowd

Think 2 repeat prizes is good gives someone time to prepare if they aren’t ready for the first level up but 3 is just annoyingly bad plz change stop giving the same toon 3 times in a row


IMO, 3-4 times is good, especially if the reward is a premier character like Yumiko(Fast) and Jeremiah.


Only thing is Jeremiah actually was only for 2 tournaments, :flushed: does that mean good toons run for 2 and crappy ones run for 3-4 times ,Shocking!

I can’t remember for sure if he was available in 2 or 3 tournaments, but I’m leaning towards 3.

I’m pretty sure it was 2 times cuz the 3rd time he was supposed to be up was before CRW when they switched to OP Joshua instead, I could be wrong tho my memory sucks lol

I’m on 3rd because I know I skipped the first 2 times for him, but didn’t want to risk there not being a 4th, so I went for 3rd.


But this is just something you can earn thru ascendance and isn’t particularly useful

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That may be the case for Joshua, but not for other rewards like Jeremiah and Fast Yumiko.

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He’s about to be a 3rd today lmAo

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He’s a good toon?

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Prepare yourself for a 4 level UP with the sanne prizes ~

depends if they give erika they can repeat her forever

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Yes, he turns 6* def stats to those of a 4*

Would you be bitchin’ if it was Erika 3 times in a row? Just curious.

Was able to get both of them.

He’s a very good toon. He’s on all my range attack teams. As soon as is at goes off, the instantaneous death.

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Do you recommend me to increase the adrenaline load and the active load? and with respect to the serious mods so kind to teach me how you have your Jeremias to give me an idea of what to put him?

Max both rush and active skill. I use defensive mods on him as he’s not a big hitter, need to keep him alive for his Rush.

He’s ok but most can just use Wanderer so no biggie to those who can’t get him.

Connor would be a better substitute since his debuff will apply to any trait character, not just Wanderer’s specific alert/strong enemies.