Level up rewards


Level up rewardsIMG_2928IMG_2927IMG_2929IMG_2930


i will do 1 k point this events


So… wasn’t raising the milestones something about better rewards? Because I’m not seeing them here.


I will enjoy auto farming 13.3 instead :rofl:


Will do 250k with preparation for a real LU someday.


#nomoreplaying :unamused: Shit’s boring af


Us to scopely






Lol, $copley LITERALLY have psychiatrists on staff to determine how best to mind fuck people out of their money.

They know that loosing even 90% to squeeze the top 3% makes them money… they know EXACTLY what they are doing.


This is some bs. I thought milestones would go back to normal after the Dwight event. This is some bs. This game is stale, and I cannot wait to retire soon. This is a big fu to new players who can’t hit the milestones. This game is now pay to win, and Scopley took the, “get gud,” to heart and laughing behind the scenes.



What a big pile of :poop:


Lol I’m usually mild but this is beyond ridiculous 1,25 mill for a Duct Tape hahaha no way mate uh uh no

I’ll be farming instead



I mean… Just compare this milestones…

@kalishane @Spyder


I was just about to say something about this. 1/5th the requirements


Well the good side is no need to waste time on these lacklustre prizes.


1.25 Million for 1 kit and 1 tape.
250k for 2 kits and 2 tapes… I really dont get it.

Why are they doing something like this. They are sure getting less and less money if they doesnt change this bs.


I remember those , now that’s something I’d be willing to put In effort for could even make the highest milestone 500k sure thing but 2 mill ??!?? For those rewards ? Damn

@kalishane I’ve been in the hospitality business a long time and if there is one thing I’ve learnt is this , sometimes you have to give a little to get great return , meaning a show of good will towards the community will get y’all a long way , lower those milestones a little bit and make those rewards what they should be , just a thought , might go a long way in regaining the trust



Wow thats the worst one yet