Level up rewards momday


Anybody have info thanks


Yes, copy and paste of the last solo.

Anna is the main toon on offer, usual 2m top milestones etc etc


Just no gold mod boxes but a lot of lillith


Candles?cakes? Normally they should add a new 6* first it was dev then yumiko now Anna, it should be a blue 6*


It’s Anna

And yes, Candles up to 500k, cakes up to 2m


Well spotted

@JB.Scopely why is the gold mod removed? Because it’s just going to appear like your trying to stifle the good rewards


How do you know it’s anna? Do you know the start time?


Same way anyone else does, log into VK, go to one of the sites for the game, look at latest posts.

Starts 10am PDT / 20.00 Moscow time.

I know it’s Anna because VK show pictures of Anna.


Thanks 15 characters


I don’t know why. Even the crw had only gold mod boxes for top 10. Top 25 doesnt even have a chance at gold mods because its a good regular silver mod boxes with only silver mods. They better start to hand out great prizes because its almost not worth to play like this. @JB.Scopely


This person is the reward



the solo lvl up should have started 3 hours ago, right?


No, in about 9 hours it will start.


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