Level up rewards losing even more value

Is it just me, or have they taken yet another step downward for the worse? Final milestone is a hordes refill that no one has any use for? Really?? Where the hell is the GPS/Canteen? (I know they’ve been missing a couple weeks now, but a useless refill???) Refill = 2k league tokens. GPS/Canteen = over 18k. Smh

Not to mention the trainer rewards have decreased by about 80-90% I’m guessing. Along with weapon tokens and other refills. When’s the last time we got SR refills in milestones? Its only raid cans now, if any at all. (Makes me dread the upcoming new SR tourneys even more)

Also the mods…used to get 8 of a set for first. Now it’s just 6 maim resist mods? (Guessing they don’t want us winning any chance at the new disarm/daze resist type mods)

Imo these are getting much much worse. Little surprised not much has been said about it tbh. (For this particular tournament i mean) In general though, considering where the game is going, shouldn’t the rewards be improving???


I agree horde can shouldnt be the last milestone but even worse is they don’t even run hordes anymore so its basically just as useful as having that slot empty


Exactly. Why I call it useless. But to also be the 3mil milestone on top of that… wth

We used to get 3 by the 2.1mil milestone.

Cans should be way further down near 500k - 1.1m (at the most) like they used to be where most can reasonably push to reach them. I’m not scoring 3 million for 1 can of any type lol

Edit: And that’s obviously because of congestion with torches, which should have their own new 4th slot given the game’s shifting to shard gameplay.


u know when ever we complain they just make it worse

waych them give us a can of grease
cause that cost 45 coinsss

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I can’t remember the last time I bothered to go further than the 800k milestone for the arena ticket, usually just stop at the 500k for the torches. Going to keep doing that until the milestones improve drastically. It’s far less pressure this way. I guess I miss out on 4k or 5k 5star tokens because of it… whoop de do.

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100% agree.
Except torches shouldn’t even be a thing to begin with.


The only reason to hit 3mil for the past while is the league points… could atleast put a chance at a plat mod in there

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You’d think they’d make the mod rewards better now after introducing brand new ones, not worse. Imagine if 1st-3rd got platinum mods, and the rest got gold atk or def set mods. I think youd see scores jump significantly.

But no. Not even set mods for rewards anymore. Just fewer and only maim resist. When I saw mods were in there, at first i considered pushing higher, bc there’s still a few I’m hunting for. But i don’t need ANY maim resist, so, not gonna push at all.

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