Level up rewards getting worse and worse


What’s going on with these rewards? Three tournaments in a row for sandy… three! Not to mention the miserable milestones. What a waste of a scav I have to claim because of war this weekend. Please open up a new museum collection for gear ASAP if you mr going to keep giving us rolled steel and sandpaper.


The fact that you finally give out toons as rewards again is already a step in the right direction.
But, as already mentioned by the TO, please vary a bit. Don’t give out the same toon for weeks.


Be careful what you wish for because now they will just replace Sandy with Dev. :smirk:


Ha, probably. Just frustrating to waste a scav of 2 million because I needed my toons for war. Grrrr


it would be better to have had DEV on first level up, then sandy on next one just to spice it up rather than giving it all in a row

but it is better to do it this way

but annoying when you get 4th place with 5 million points and someone who scored 5k points ends up getting her too


They should throw a good premier toon in the crate.


Seems they are doing three in a row of the same toon then change it up. Might be better if it was two in a row or mix it up every time.

I’d agree that maybe only top 10 deserve a shot at the Toon on offer, I like top 3 getting it guaranteed.


Not just level ups. Rewards have been shit all across the board


Agree. That third split is a joke. Rolled steel and sandpaper. Might as well be empty. Gives us wood scrap instead. Something useful.


I normally do events for milestones cause you could get some useful things but survival road raid and level up this week have been awful


So bad. So very very bad. Without the collection items to fill the bottom row, it’s like they couldn’t figure out what to put there so here’s some stupid bailing wire and sandpaper for your efforts.

What a joke.


It isn’t Sandy tho… Not really. Its a typical garbage Scopely RNG crate that just gives you 1k 5* tokens


Where did all the Lilith’s go by the way?

Without the ability to level up ar’s I have zero incentive to pull for new toons scopes and no I will not start paying for them either.


It’s always one step forward two steps back with Scopely. Seriously, these are the worst milestone rewards I can remember. @JB.Scopely are the developers intentionally trying to kill this game? I know you wont answer but that’s how it truly feels lately between all the “mistakes” and then stuff like this…oh, and the 50 offers trying to get me to reopen my wallet…


Another tourney to skip. Getting rather boring tbh. 3 level ups in a week is a joke. At lest mix things up with a blitz, or territories event or something. Anything is better than constant level ups with piss poor rewards and milestones. These milestones are absolutely disgusting.


how many toons have Active skills worth levelling that havent already been filled?


Yea these milestones are piss poor to say the least. I must be in the minority bc I like having level ups almost non-stop… but I do think it should be a secondary event bc it doesn’t take too much effort to level up your characters. Would anyone really be upset about having level ups running during war? Probably only the tools who bitch about everything I guess.


:thinking: Umm… Lillith is for raising the adrenaline rush not the active. That role is done by Ulysses. And if your going to be using any 6-star getting it’s ar up to 10 is kinda important. :smirk:

Also almost every 6-stars active is worth getting to at least level 5 and that rule was mostly for the early ones. They then realized how this was a mistake and most toons actives are now worth taking all the way up to max as well.


sorry… was just meaning how people dont care about active skill trainers.


Milestones for lvl up are terrible. Food? And sandpaper? Really?