Level up rewards for everyone

Instead of players going a full month to come up short how about adding event tokens like the halloween event. Mm best moment ever i got 3 pulls and an ascendable now thats rewarding. Atleast this way players can eventually get something. LIKE IF YOU AGREE I STILL THINK SCOPES BEING UNFAIR WITH GOLD COIN I GUESS ITS WHY ITS GOLD COIN


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I don’t think we are on YouTube or Instagram.


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Thank god i couldnt take more negative comments im at my limit.

I would take a swift exit from these forums if that was the case

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Sweet jesus

We need a poop button next to that heart one.

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Im confused lol

I thought it would be good idea for gear boxes for level up museum pieces. Then I realized that it would be even worse domination by the spenders.

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