Level up rewards 12-4


What does everyone think of these rewards for the current level up event


They suck. I would much appreciate some tape and kits from a freakin’ weapon parts roadmap instead of this shit!


Shooting for top 800. There’s nothing worthwhile unless I want to drop 1.25m points for a second roll of duct tape. My region’s too competitive to even consider top 10, and the other levels are basically all the same.


Another stupid tournament and more days off for me , thanks scopely I’m leavin your bs slowly


Might go for the first two milestones just for a chance at Benedict.

Probably fine where I am after doing the 100k experience mission in terms of top 800.


Utterly suck. How about new players? Are they even going to compete for all that stuff? The milestones are too high, even for older players, and the rewards are even worse since we have SR Depot to give us enough legendary tokens…


I think the odds of getting Ben out of that bag is what
1 in 999999999999 lol


got the 150 and pulled a Burt from the bag. Keep surviving!


Feel bad for new reregion. Very few will be able to hit the first milestone. Lets give the new region absolutely no chance to advance properly. Scopelys logic at its finest.


This is the player first mentality, I’m so glad they’re thinking of us when they do this

I hope the sarcasm came thru as intended


Don’t feel too bad. Most of the players there are veteran whales who migrated over from other regions. Tons of people running 5* & 6* Vincent as leader. They will get there in less than 2 weeks at least with the milestones.


Sounds like you got… BURT HURT.



Usually I don’t fuss much about rewards on here and I’ve been F2P for over 9 months now, but… the reward difference between 11th place and 800th place is only 40 legendary medals. That’s it! If you cannot make 10th or higher there is little incentive for 40 more legendary tokens.
Look I’m the crazy one out here, check me out, but when the lunatic knows it’s bad, it’s bad!!!


Just curious why the milestones still stay so high? We get these level ups so frequently and we’ve been complaining about the milestones for awhile but still no change. @kalishane any idea when the milestones will be lowered or do you guys just plan on leaving them as is?


I doubt anyone on my region will hit 2million


I’ll be curious if anyone reaches 2 million. So far the highest in my region is 1 million.


Most ppl in my region are boycotting lvl ups due to the outrageous milestones. Their unreasonable, unreachable, impossible, & unrealistic to the player’s old & new ones. Fix this before more players quit over them.


I actually pulled bendict. As I did a few wars back from a bag like that. However a few wars ago I also got some adens for 1st time in ages. But not 1 since


Insulted is how I feel about them


I just decided to simply do ground work on some 5’s and 4’s not even going to push for the bottom milestone. I hate chance boxes as rewards as almost always get the lowest most useless prize I’d rather shoot for something guaranteed. I hope soon the prize structures change.