Level up question

I took a break from the game for a bit but before I left they had milestones going up to 10 million if I remember correctly. When did they drop it back down to 3 million?

Long time ago thank god


10 mil milestone is fine, its just players think they have to hit that milestone if its there

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Lol I have 400 trainers and already hit 3m :expressionless:

I would assume scopely would encourage more game play. Most people to get off after hitting the last milestone if there’s nothing else going on.

Yea and some people go past those milestones always anyways like for war, lots get 300k, 400k, etc but if theirs a milestone everyone swears they have to get it and they complain so it gets taken away

I don’t think anymore below top 8 hit 3 million in level up and they haven’t removed those milestones. But yeah it’s been a while since we had the higher milestones

If I remember right, the problem was they didn’t increase rewards with those milestones. You were actually getting much, much less with the higher milestones.

I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was horrible to see an 800k or 1mil milestone, give less than what used to be given for 250-500k.

If they wanna add more that’s fine, but they need to scale UP the rewards, not down. Personally though, I think 3 mil is fine.

They also did the 10mil ones during a collection event, which just made it worse.


Most think they have to because that’s where they put the stuff needed for events.

Like now most think they have to hit 3 mil everytime, i only go for the energy cans so 1.75 mil

Yeah it’s like that now but when they did the 10 Mill and the previous level up the stuff needed was in the higher spots. It is still like that with some events.

I cant hit 3mil unless I have hella benedicts

I love 3 mil its not to high not to low, just my opinion :hugs:

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Then stay in 1-2 for the bonus S class items?

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