Level Up Prize? Thoughts

Here we have Aron, what do you guys feel about him? Worthy go all in? For me maybe not, I have green Carl and running red / blue attacking. Maybe Aron could be good in defense with red Ezekiel and green Carl and blue healer Jessie and one shield hmm dunno. Let me know your thoughts

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He was the prize for the last level up tho…

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Ah yee… ofc i saw him before haha

He is useless :slight_smile:

Yep if you can get in top 3 for level up your never going to use him

He’s OK.

I’d compare his use to green Abe.

If you want a dmg lead skill but need a healer vs another damage dealer (Abe) to keep the battle going he is a decent option and does OK damage. Unfortunately you are now restricted to green only vs melee (green + yellow).

I’ve known players to use him with Glenn, Shiva, Kal for a well rounded stun atk team. Add in green Garrett/Alpha for a bit of revive counter and you should do okay against most yellow/blue teams out there today.


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